Service & Repair


Our repair shop can diagnose and fix your running problem, electrical issue or even give your ATV,UTV or dirt bike the performance you're looking for. Our certified technicians have a ton of experience, knowledge and have fixed countless 2 or 4-wheeler over the years. 

What exactly sets us apart? We service Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Can-Am brands. We have access to factory OEM specifications and service intervals to properly repair your vehicle. If you're into riding the trails, farm work or racing your ATV, we have what it takes to get your off road machine repaired.

Here is the list of what we usually do :

  • Major Service, 1st and minor service

  • Engine Rebuilds

  • Tyres and tubes, new and repairs

  • Suspension Service

  • Replace CV boots

  • Valve adjustments and many other services

  • Accessories Install (lift kit, winches, ...)

  • Pick up and delivery service available

Our speciality is figuring out why your ATV doesn't run. 

Also, we install ATV accessories, light bars, racks, ATV hunting accessories, lift kits, aftermarket wheels & tires, winches and many other options. Will make sure you're getting the right accessory, make sure it fits correctly, deal with any defects or warranties if it comes up and we will always stand behind our work.

Whether it is a major or minor service, our workshop is set up for efficiency and convenience.  We pride ourselves on offering quick turnaround times so you can be back on the road in minimal time!​ We guarantee the best prices on servicing and quality of work performed through our workshop.

-Hourly Labour Rate : we charge only $60 per hour including GST and minimum Service/Repair charge is $60.

-To book your Minor or Major Service please book now online, and select the day and time you would like to bring your ATV, UTV or Motocross. 

-For all other specific repair or pick up please email us or give us a call.

Choose your package

Minor Service


Pick up and delivery service optional Perth Metro Area from $75

Book now your Minor Service

All servicing complies with factory recommendations

Monday to Friday

9am to 5pm


ATV $299

UTV $399


Pick up and delivery service optional Perth Metro Area from $75

Book now your Major Service

All servicing complies with factory recommendations

Monday to Friday

9am to 5pm


ATV $349

UTV $449

Major Service

Is Society of Wild Hearts Only For Women?

Society of Wild Hearts is open for women and men, and inclusive of all gender and sexual identities. ALL ARE WELCOME is a part of our Manifesto. Full disclosure: I tend to create very womencentric spaces. We do anticipate that those who sign up for the space will primarily be women and that will have to be okay with anyone opting to join. We will also have spaces and pop up events that cater to just those who identify as women.

How much time a month should I anticipate dedicating to SOWH content?

The content is designed to be consumed in digestable bits and depending on how you move the course is set up for an 1.5 hours per week not including the LIVE monthly session. The work is precise and potent which is the way we actually make lasting change. Overall the course is designed to be self-study and can be moved through at a pace you decide. All content will be archived and you can return to it as often as you like.

How long will I have acess to SOWH content?

For as long as you are a member, you'll have unlimited access to the content anytime, anywhere in the world. All of the lessons are download friendly and you can download and keep them for eternity if you like.

When does the membership begin?

Society of Wild Hearts membership starts on Feb 1, 2020. Open enrollment will be from January 11, 2019 - January 31, 2020 and will open for a brief window quarterly. If you sign up today content will be avaliable February 1st, 2020. If you sign up in the next enrollment you will receive instant access to the month prior and all future teachings as long as you are actively enrolled. New content drops on the first of each month.

Can I cancel my membership?

A 6 month commitment is required for the monthly billing option. That's $198 dollars if you are curious. If you want to cancel before the 6 months you will be charged a $40 USD cancellation fee. After 12 months (paying $33 per month USD) you can be grandmothered into a month to month situation and may cancel at anytime with no fee. For the full payment no refund is allowed although a single transfer can be made to a deserving person of your choice.

Do I have to be creative to join?

As long as you are OPEN to your creativity increasing you will thrive. Openess is the main key to success in this space.

Can I share my login or content with friends?

Short answer: NAH! This content was created to be affordable and thrive on the fact that everyone has an extra $33 dollars a month they can set aside to heal and create their dreams. If you would like to share snippets on social media or with friends we fully support that. If you are found to have shared login info you may be immediately dismissed from SOWH.

Have a burning question you need to have adressed?

Click here and send me your Q. Someone on the team will respond in 48 hours or less.


Our Workshop is located in Carabooda, just 10 minutes pass Joondalup, exact location  will be given upon booking to prevent thief.


-LANCELIN : Open everyday

  PERTH (Pinjar) : Open from Friday to Sunday and School Holidays 

-Please have a look in Pinjar & Lancelin Tours for prices, vehicle options and time sessions

-Please tend to email for inquiries and bookings




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