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Motocross Hire and Coaching


Dirt Bike Hire in Perth


Looking to spend a awesome day with your family or your friends? You always wanted to ride but didn't want to bother with having a bike and all the inconvenience with it (storage, maintenance, trailer, petrol, gears, cleaning,...). Just hire your motorcycle in Perth with PERTH QUAD directly at Pinjar Motorcycle Area.


What would make you happier than jumping on your motocross and taking off for 1.5h, 2.5h or the day?

Book Online and pick up your motocross directly at Pinjar Motorcycle Area to enjoy the amazing 300 hectares of land with heaps of circuits and terrains to improve your skill. All of hire comes with compulsory full body protection, a talkie walkie and a map to enjoy your own adventure. 

We provide the best package that fit your needs, with fully maintained motocross and safety gears. Please provide US shoes size  and height when booking online.

If you do not have experience in motocross, have a look at our MOTOCROSS SCHOOL in Perth for adults and kids. A coach will teach you all the basic Riding Technics to have a fun and safe ride. Please note that a 15 minutes safety induction will be require before your hire and a 5 minute trail ride to see if you are safe riding a motocross, if we judge that your skills are not enough for it, we have the authorisation to cancel your hire and get a refund or participate for our 1.5h Motocross School (more info down of this page).

Choose your Motocross for Hire

ADULT Motocross Rental

Yamaha or Honda 230cc

With gears

Age 16+

Minimum required height : 1.65m

No Driving licence required

Bond required

ADULT Dirt Bike Hire

TEENAGER Motocross Rental

Yamaha or Honda 110cc / 150cc

Semi Auto

Age : from 10 to 15 years old or 16+

Maximum weight capacity : 75kg

No Driving licence required

Bond required

TEENAGER Dirt Bike Hire

KID    Dirt Bike Hire

KID Motocross Rental

Yamaha or Honda 90cc / 50cc


Age : from 8 to 9 years old

Minimum required height : 1.2m

No Driving licence required

Bond required

Choose your location

PERTH Motocross Hire

Motocross HIRE

-Adult dirt bike rental

-Teenager dirt bike rental

-Kid dirt bike rental

Motocross lessons

-Adults Motocross Coaching

-Kid Motocross coaching

LANCELIN    Motocross Hire

Motocross TOURS ONLY

for experimented

riders, riding on Sand can be very tricky. If you do not have experience, we would recommend 1.5 or 2.5h motocross lessons at our Perth location.

We do not provide free ride/hire in Lancelin 

Please check our page ''Location'' for further details

Choose your riding session

 Motocross Hire

motocross lesson



Pick up at Perth Quad, Pinjar Motorcycle Area

Compulsory safety induction

Park Map Provided

All gears included + full tank


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